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Oxy Fuel Cutting FAQ’s

What fuel gases do you use?

Our manufacturing partners are primarily using acetylene but other gases like propylene and propane are also available.

What role does oxygen play in the cutting process?

Oxygen and fuel gas are combined in order to provide the necessary elements for heating the metal.

The cutting head has several holes where the gases flow out of. First, a combination of oxygen and a fuel gas comes out of the surrounding holes to preheat the metal.

Then, an oxygen jet is directed onto the work piece via a central oxygen valve. The metal oxidises and the pressurised jet blows away the slag.

How big is the heat affected zone?

The heat affected zone depends on the fuel gas and cutting speed. Still, compared to other thermal cutting methods, the area is larger.

What is the quality?

The angular deviation of the cut is actually smaller when comparing it to plasma cutting for example. At the same time, the edge is rougher and may need post-treatment, depending on the quality requirements.

What are the material requirements?

Oxy fuel cutting is only available for ferrous metals. Low carbon steels make up the bulk of the work but wrought iron is also suitable.

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